Small particles are collected by the gravity.

Protein fining
Collect remaining proteins using fining agents.

Chacoal fining 
Undesireble aromas and flavours are removed by adding chacoal powder.
It creates tanrei-karakuchi style, but sometimes removes some positive characteristics when over used.
Current market is shifting to 'muroka' style.

Final Filteration
Using filter which has very small pores for crystal clear color and to remove yeast and bacteria.

To kill all the bacteria and enzyme. Filret cannot remove small bacterias sucha as hiochi.
・Bulk pasteurisation
 jakan method, 60-65c.
・Bottle pasteurisation
 More labour intentsive but quick and gentle, no need of 2nd pasteurisation since sake is bottled.
 Can be used for premium sake.

Unpasteurised sake
・Nama chozo
 Pasteurised once, AFTER storage
・Nama zume
 Pasteurised once BEFORE storage
 Equal to bottle pasteurisation.


To adjust the alcohol level

Sake can be blended for volume and stylistic consistency.
According to the different polishing ration, rice type or yeast type, pressing fractions, aging, etc

Usually dark colored bottles are used to protect from the light.