I was being very nervous to my very first cruise trip.
I am reporting how gorgeous it is to take a cruise!

The ship departs from Buenos Aires, the port near by Rio de la Plata.
I took an Uber to the port, and checked in my big luggage at the entrance of the port.
This is how the waiting place for check in.
There also is a lounge, if you pay some money.

The cruise company has my passport until the end of the cruise.
The card they gave me will be a wallet and Identification for everything.

Take a bus to the ship...

Am I taking THIS ship?!
It's much better than I imagined, it's not for a backpacker anymore!

Walk or take a wheel chair up to the ship.

Welcome drink is provided after taking an ID photo!
This picture looks so luxury.

There are so many high brand shops in the ship.
I was choosing the cheapest shower gel at drugstore yesterday...

There are some entertaiment facilities like theater and concert space.
Some of the show are included to the ticket.

I'm looking for my room and...

I cannot believe I am staying here for 14 days!
I was staying in a hostel till today!

My private bathroom!
I haven't had private one for so long time.

Fridge is filled with drinks (of course I should pay if I took one).

Alcohol package starts from 59 USD.
If I pay such a lot in Japan, I can also have very good meal....

Wine package is more expensive, 3 bottles starting from 109 USD!
And those wines may not be very expensive one, there are from New Zealand or Argentine.

Pre-sales Internet package was more expensive, better to purchase in the ship.