Japanese Buddhism temple celebrate the birthday of Buddha on April 8th, which is called 'Flower Festival'.
Temples spread special sweet tea to the statuesof Buddha.
This tea is made from Chinese spice called Arhat Fruite.

In Thailand, this festival got much more extreme, and this is called Songklan.
Since Thailand is Buddhism country, most of holidays are based on Buddhism, and Songklan is also considered as an important holiday.
For this holiday people go back to their hometown to see their families and relatives, or they go to another country.
They also have special calendar, and new year starts from this day.
Now on April 8th 2019, it will be the year of 2562.
Because of this holiday, the traffic in this countrygo crazy like this.

The most famous thing in this festival is, water sprashing.
Don't care you know them or not, people splash water to you and everybody.
Quite a lot of people are carrying waterguns withthem, and it is sold like below.
Since this is the hottest season of the year, this is something all (maybe most) of them appreciate.

Recently these shops started to sell  waterproof packs for phones.
You should be careful, those things sold on the streets are easy to get broken.
For water guns you can try them at the shops.
If you are worried, I recommend to carry things on your own.
This time I bought 4 waterproof packs and 2 of them are broken.
1 of the water gun out of 3 is broken.

Not only waters, they also spread some powder.
Some of them use baby powder, but most of them use powders sold on the street.
They just throw them, or mix into water.
This colored one obviously don't look healthy.